PhD files

You will find here a series of files related to my PhD. In short, I built an experiment involving optical nanofibers and cold atomic ensembles. This was done as part of the Quantum Optics group in Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Paris, under the supervision of Julien Laurat. I will be happy to know/help if you use anything from this page or have any comment/question, please contact me (firstname.lastname[at]


The manuscript (pdf, 14 MB) of the thesis itself (also available on HAL), and source code (latex), figures, and data/code for the figures (Tex/tikz, Mathematica, Python ..., the sources for the figures of this article are included).

FPGA programming

Using an FPGA board for two simple but efficient applications, with 10 ns resolution. Have a look at the short description below, the manuscript and the readme for more details. All my source files (Python, Verilog) are here.

  1. Synchronization

    Synchronized pulses from a number of outputs are used to trigger the many events of a repeating experiment. Shipped with a command line and graphical interface for defining experimental sequences and for USB interaction with the FPGA board.
  2. Acquisition

    The FPGA board receives pulses from a photon counting modules. It registers time stamps which can be transferred to a PC for analysis. A graphical interface displays real time data analysis (histograms, ...).

Computing the EIT susceptibility for Zeeman degenerate atoms

Section 3.1.3 of the manuscript. Here is the Mathematica notebook.

3D designs

A few openscad drawings (coils, vacuum mounts).

Nanofiber fabrication

Section 1.2.3. Translation stage trajectories (PVT) for nanofiber pulling.