Scientific interest

Physical role of nucleus in cell motility

We investigate the role of the nucleus in cell motility. For that purpose, we have modele the cytoskeleton and calculated the flow of this around a passive object using the framework of active gel theory. Our aim is to identifiy the main parameters involved in the cell motility and to shed more light on their interplay.

Momentum transferts in multi-cellular media

My research is focused on active multi-cellular media in densely aggregated state. Especially my interest is on the mechanical aspects, i.e. how the locomotive action of a cellular individual is three-dimensionally organized into macroscopic effect, rather than on the chemical signal or its coupling to the motion. Because the micro-macro translation of dense dynamical systems is a tough problem, we introduce several basic concepts and also develop some theoretical tools to deal with those systems.

Momentum transfer in non-equilibrium steady states

We have introduced a unified theory on the generation of nonequilibrium force as momentum transfer deficit due to dissipation. This principle is applied to a new model of NESS, named, cooled/warmed piston, as well as to many existing models such as adiabatic piston in a unified manner. Here is an article.

Older scientific interest...

During my studies, I have been interrested in different subjects. Especially, I studied with Laurent Limat and Luc Lebon the gyroscopic instability of a drop trapped inside a circular hydraulic jump. It has been the ocasion to publish a first paper. During 6 months, I studied the dynamics of a hydraulic jump with Tomas Bohr and Anders Andersen in Copenhagen. Before that, I have been interested by the meandering of liquid rivulets or by the role played by brownian motion in the transcription of DNA.

Scientific interest
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