Scientific interests

Growth variability in plant development

I develop statistical models describing how growth variability at a cellular scale impacts plant development. These descriptions take into account different mechanisms likely to confine growth variability and to control robustness in organogenesis.

Physical role of nucleus in cell motility

I investigate the role of the nucleus in cell migration. For that purpose, I model the cytoskeleton as a gel connected to the cell's environment and a rigid nucleus. Using the framework of active gel theory, I show that boundary conditions for the gel have a strong control on cell migration, morphology and the way it acts on the environment.

Momentum transfers in multi-cellular media

My research is focused on active multi-cellular media in densely aggregated state. Especially my interest is on the mechanical aspects, i.e. how the locomotive action of a cellular individual is three-dimensionally organized into macroscopic effect, rather than on the chemical signal or its coupling to the motion. Because the micro-macro translation of dense dynamical systems is a tough problem, we introduce several basic concepts and also develop some theoretical tools to deal with those systems.

Momentum transfer in non-equilibrium steady states

I introduced a unified theory on the generation of nonequilibrium force as momentum transfer deficit due to dissipation. This principle is applied to a new model of NESS, named, cooled/warmed piston, as well as to many existing models such as adiabatic piston in a unified manner. Here is an article.

Scientific interests