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Jérémie Bettinelli

École polytechnique
Laboratoire d'informatique (LIX)
91128 Palaiseau Cedex
E-mail: firstname « . » lastname « at » normalesup « . » org
Office: 2023
Phone: (+33) (0)1 77 57 80 61



I am working on random maps in any genera. You will find there a page dedicated to computer simulations of random maps and there an older page dedicated to some computer simulations of Brownian trees and snakes.

Coauthors : Céline Abraham, Gwendal Collet, Éric Fusy, Emmanuel Jacob, Igor Kortchemski, Cécile Mailler, Grégory Miermont, Lucas Randazzo.


  1. Convergence of uniform noncrossing partitions toward the Brownian triangulation
    Preprint, arXiv:1711.04872 (2017) [bibtex]
  2. A bijection for nonorientable general maps
    Short version: FPSAC 2016. Discrete Math. Theor. Comput. Sci. Proc., BC, 227–238 (2016)
    Preprint, arXiv:1512.02208 (2015) [bibtexposterbeamer]


  1. A bijective study of basketball walks
     ☻ E. Fusy, C. Mailler, L. Randazzo.
    Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire, 77, Art. B77a, 1–24 (2016) [bibtex]
  2. Compact Brownian surfaces I. Brownian disks
     ☻ G. Miermont.
    Probability Theory and Related Fields, 167, 555–614 (2017) [bibtexbeamer]
  3. A simple explicit bijection between (n,2)-Gog and Magog trapezoids
    Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire, 75, Art. B75e, 1–9 (2016) [bibtexbeamer]
  4. Geodesics in Brownian surfaces (Brownian maps)
    Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincaré, 52, 612–646 (2016) [bibtexbeamer]
  5. The Scaling Limit of Uniform Random Plane Maps, via the Ambjørn–Budd Bijection
     ☻ E. Jacob, G. Miermont.
    Electronic Journal of Probability, 19, no. 74, 1–16 (2014) [bibtex]
  6. Increasing Forests and Quadrangulations via a Bijective Approach
    Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, 122, 107–125 (2014) [bibtexbeamer (in French)]
  7. Scaling Limit of Random Planar Quadrangulations with a Boundary
    Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincaré, 51, 432–477 (2015) [bibtex]
  8. The Topology of Scaling Limits of Positive Genus Random Quadrangulations
    The Annals of Probability, 40, 1897–1944 (2012) [bibtexbeamer (in French)]
  9. Scaling Limits for Random Quadrangulations of Positive Genus
    Electronic Journal of Probability, 15, 1594–1644 (2010) [bibtexbeamer (in French)]


  1. Random maps
     ☻ C. Abraham, G. Collet, I. Kortchemski.
    ESAIM: PROCEEDINGS AND SURVEYS, 51, 133-149 (2015) [bibtex]

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