Research My research interests lie in the fields of fundamental fluid mechanics and physics of complex systems, motivated by geophysical, astrophysical and environmental applications. My recent research focuses on rapidly rotating convection thought to be the driving mechanism of planetary dynamos, doubly-diffusive convection at play in the oceans and in stars, and wave turbulence in different systems.

My approach relies equally on analytical methods, numerical tools and laboratory experiments, with the goal of characterizing in simple models the basic mechanisms at play in apparently complex or chaotic dynamics.
A little bit about myself Since 2014, I am a Post-doctoral researcher in the Applied Mathematics Department of the University of Colorado at Boulder where I work with Prof. Keith Julien. I am part of an ongoing collaboration with Prof. Edgar Knobloch and Dr. Jin-Han Xie from the Physics Department of UC Berkeley. I keep my hands wet by participating in a shallow water wave project with Prof. Mark Hoefer and Pat Sprenger in the newly created Dispersive Hydrodynamics Lab. of the Applied Mathematics Department of UC Boulder.

Before that I was a Post-doctoral researcher in the Rotating Geophysical Flows research group at CNRS laboratory IRPHE (Marseille, France) where I worked with Dr. Patrice Meunier and Dr. Stephane Le Dizes between 2013 and 2014.

I obtained my PhD in 2013 under the supervision of Prof. Nicolas Mordant in the Non Linear Physics research group (Prof. Stephan Fauve) , part of the Laboratoire de Physique Statistique (Ecole Normale Superieure and UPMC, Paris).
Collaborators Below is a list of past and present collaborators, grouped in an approximate reverse chronological order, based on my institution by the time I first met them (UCB, IRPHE or ENS).

Prof. Keith Julien (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Dr. Philippe Marti (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Prof. Edgar Knobloch (University of California, Berkeley)
Dr. Jin-Han Xie (New York University, Courant Institute)
Prof. Mark Hoefer (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Pat Sprenger (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Dr. Patrice Meunier (IRPHE, Marseille)
Dr. Stephane Le Dizes (IRPHE, Marseille)

Prof. Nicolas Mordant (Universite Grenoble Alpes)
Dr. Alexandros Alexakis (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris)
Dr. Christophe Josserand (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie)
Dr. Luc Deike (Princeton University)
Dr. Eric Falcon (Universite Paris Diderot)
Dr. Michael Berhanu (Universite Paris Diderot)
Dr. Felicien Bonnefoy (Ecole Centrale de Nantes)
Early years As an undergrad, I have been fortunate to be exposed to research in the groups of Dr. Dominique Mailly (LPN Marcoussis, France) and Dr. Hiroki Takesue (NTT BRL, Atsugi, Japan).