Benoît Cadorel Homepage


I am a post-doc in Mathematics at the Institute of Mathematics of Toulouse (Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France). I am supported by the French ANR project GRACK.

I am interested in questions related to hyperbolicity of complex manifolds, mainly by metric approaches permitting to exhibit positivity properties of the canonical and cotangent bundles of these manifolds.

Keywords: Complex hyperbolicity. Green-Griffiths-Lang conjecture. Symmetric differentials. Jet differentials. Bounded symmetric domains.

Research work

On subvarieties of singular quotients of bounded domains, with S. Diverio and H. Guenancia, 2019 preprint.

Subvarieties of quotients of bounded symmetric domains, 2018 preprint.

Hyperbolicity of singular spaces, with E. Rousseau and B. Taji, to appear in J. Éc. polytech. Math.

Jet differentials on toroidal compactifications of ball quotients, accepted in Ann. Inst. Fourier.

Hyperbolicity of varieties supporting a variation of Hodge structure, with Y. Brunebarbe, to appear in IMRN.

Symmetric differentials on complex hyperbolic manifolds with cusps, to appear in J. Differ. Geom.

PhD Thesis

I defended my PhD thesis in May 2018, on the subject Hyperbolicité complexe et quotients de domaines symétriques bornés, under the supervision of Erwan Rousseau.

The manuscript of my thesis is available here.

Talks and conferences

January 2019. Séminaire d'algèbre, topologie et géométrie. Nice, Laboratoire J.A. Dieudonné

December 2018. Journées Nancéiennes de Géométrie. Nancy, IECL.

November 2018. Algebra and Geometry Seminar. Rome, Sapienza Università.

October 2018. Séminaire Analyse complexe et géométrie. Paris, IMJ-PRG.

July 2018. Séminaire de géométrie et singularités. Rennes, IRMAR.

June 2018. Conference "Shimura varieties and hyperbolicity of moduli spaces". Montréal, UQAM.

March 2018. Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry Seminar. KU Leuven.

February 2018. Séminaire de Géométrie complexe. Toulouse, IMT.

February 2018. Workshop on the Nash blow-up and the Semple tower. Marseille, Frumam.

December 2017. Séminaire Arithmétique et géométrie algébrique. Strasbourg, IRMA.

October 2017. Séminaire Algèbre et géométries. Grenoble, Institut Fourier.

July 2017. Annual meeting of the French ANR project Foliage. Porquerolles.

April 2017. AMS Sectional Meeting. New York, Hunter College.

April 2017. Geometry/Topology Seminar. Stony Brook University.

October 2016. Séminaire de Géométrie complexe. Nancy, IECL.

September 2016. Séminaire Algèbre et géométries. Grenoble, Institut Fourier.